1905—2014 (2014)
Ink wash and pencil on paper

House I (1905-2014)
Dom Proshinikh, Architect P. A. Zarutskiy

1905—2014 (2014)

House I. Facade 1:50 (2014)
Archival ink pen and acrylic on satin

1905‐2014 (2014)
Black ink, fiber-tipped pen on silk chiffon, silver, copper

1905—2014 (Soaring), (2014)
Watercolour, ink pencil, ink wash on paper 

1905—2014 (Incision), (2014)
Watercolour, ink wash, pencil, archival black ink pen on paper

1905—2014 (Facade), (2014)
Watercolour, and pencil on cotton paper

Snowdrop ornament (reconstruction), (2014)
Watercolour and pencil on paper

Shadow, (2017)
Watercolour and pencil on cotton paper

1905—2014 (Facade), (2015)
Intaglio on Hahnemühle paper (Drypoint, aquatint)