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27.09.2017 — 24.10. 2017

Curator: Elena Fadeeva

Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

In her exhibition RUINS Olga Krukovskaya shows the results of her experiments with different media over the past three years. Her project is primarily about space and about how we see it.

Olga perceives the buildings she depicts with the love of a taxidermist—with a certain tenderness and melancholy, but lacking any pity. She does not try to rescue or resurrect them and there is no place for heroism in her works. They all are rather a metaphor for the common nature of things; they remind us that even the process of decay leading to destruction is essentially a process of reconciliation between nature and a human. And the ruins are rather graceful with all their gained imperfections, capitulating fully in front of the face of modernity.

Olga’s distracted point of view makes us feel a twinge of nostalgia; the abandoned ruins in her works seem like something very sinister and dear, something we always knew and loved. Time stopped there and it allows us to enjoy the moment we are living in, before in disappears forever.

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Photographs: Albina Mokhryakova, © Triumph Gallery

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